its has been too long that im not writing in here
but please, tolong jangan baca if akhir nya tak dapat terima

perasaan yang ada simpan kemas-kemas dari sesiapa
bcoz im choosing not to hurt anybody
sebab sometimes, apa yang kita rasa tu dah tak penting
apa yang lebih penting is apa y orang around us rasa
the last place , was the first place of our meeting


Its seem to be like that..

Its time to stop of everything
Its time to realize where we have been stand
Its time untuk hati terima apa yang akal dah lama faham
Its time to stop all this writing

Dont worry..
We will forget each other eyes soon
We will forget all the hurt soon
Because we have been trying so hard to be here

Kita doakan yang baik-baik untuk semua

Amin :)

Lifetime thesis complete
End up

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